B.O.O.M. (Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries)

Sail the Seven Skies with the notorious Pirates of the Airship, Emerald Rose! No matter the peril, these freedom loving outcasts bring adventure to life with Swords, Shanties, and Science!!! Science!!! We'll be bucklin' yer swashes from sea to sky!"

Dr. Celeste Tian

Dr. Celeste Tian, Chief Natural Philosopho-Historian, co-principle of Mahometan & Celestial, LLC, and {pseudonymously as Pauline C. Yu} marine biologist and polar excursionist.

Elizabeth Young

Elizabeth Young is an avid amateur historian with an undergraduate degree in archaeology. She is particularly interested in hidden histories and industrial archaeology. Elizabeth recently contributed to the creation of a new edition of the Architectural History of Port Townsend and occasionally lectures on the subject for the annual Victorian Heritage festival.

John Longenbaugh and Guests

John Longenbaugh (BRASS creator) has been writing, directing and producing theater, occasionally film, and increasingly audio drama in the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. He's a proud member of BWAHAHA, the Seattle-based bartitsu club which includes Mr. Barnett as an instructor. Check out more BRASS at

Jeremy Adams (Cyril Brass) has lived in Seattle for a decade, performing theatre, voiceover and several short films.  He originated the role of Cyril and has been on board for whatever crazy shenanigans the Brass family finds themselves getting into.  These days, he is an aspiring author with a newly achieved Bachelor's in English and is hard at work on his first manuscript.  This summer, he will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, but hopefully returning in case Cyril needs a comeback.
Gordon Frye studied historical weapons of all sorts from a very early age. He has a Masters Degree in Western History, and is an Adjunct Professor of History for Navy College in Bremerton, WA. When not speaking at conferences he pursues historical reenacting, recording the History Files and Gordon's Gun Closet podcasts, and researching the 16th, 19th and 20th Centuries. He has also worked in the film industry as a cavalry specialist and military consultant. Film credits include The Postman, Ride with the Devil, The Alamo and The Patriot. He presently lives in Kingston, WA, with his podcast producer wife.
Nancy Frye (Tressano, Carrie Nation, others) bounced from Art to Music to History, and finally emerged from the University of Washington with a BA in Drama, after which she spent a year in the Seattle theater scene, taught English in Japan, and dabbled in the film industry where her first on-camera appearance was “Dead Cuban Woman” in TNT’s “Rough Riders”. This set a precedent, and she’s been shot, stabbed, and mauled a lot on camera due to her willingness to do minor stunts. Other favorite moments include driving a mule team, shooting an AK-47 at a helicopter, and hurling a spear from horseback in full armor. She loves movies of all kinds, graphic design, playing Diablo, and occasionally goading her spouse into doing a podcast.

Josh Haazard

Hi! I'm Josh, I've done Steampunk panels for the now defunct Steamposium in Seattle for half a decade. I specialize in prop construction, and Foamsmithing, and have presented panels on both in the past under the 'Salvage' and 'Alchemy' titles. While many of my creations wouldn't be considered 'mainstream' Steampunk, I argue that their Steampunk isn't mainstream, and that it needs to branch out into other avenues such as the working class.

Professor DR Schreiber

Professor DR Schreiber, the historical conjurer, is a Portland, OR-based magic historian, performer, and instructor of young magicians. He is the past President and current Vice President of the Portland Assembly of Society of American Magicians, a member of the Portland Society of Magicians, the Conjuring Arts Research Center and the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle), as well as a certified mentor for the Society of Young Magicians, Salem and Portland chapters. Schreiber is also holds status of Full Professor at Camelard College of Conjuring Chemmis. Schreiber is also the won the award for 2011 Stan Kramien Excellence in Stage Magic competition. Schreiber uses his long career as a television producer and years of working as a cast member at Disneyland to enhance the all around entertainment experience for his audience.

Talitha Roshau

My name is Talitha. I have been a crafter for about 36years. I have always loved to learn new techniques and to create things. I love to work in a variety of areas; from sewing new to modify clothing, from beading to jewelry metalsmithing, from wood working to glass beads, and last but not least modifications of everything and anything. I love to learn and share my knowledge while also learning from others. Come and join me for some fun!

Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade” Ifritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa and Dr. Celeste Tian

Tepan Fyodorovich “Hezârfenzade” Ifritoğlu Yoldaş-Paşa and Dr. Celeste Tian are the proprietors of Mahometan & Celestial LLC, founded on the 6th of Teşrin-i Evvel, AR 1276, in response to innumerable transnational unpleasantries culminating in the vandalization of Peking’s summer palaces. Equipped with nearly a half century’s aggregate experience in the fields of natural history and metropolitan geography, and firm in the conviction that the early 21st Century is the new late 19th, Mahometan & Celestial LLC scours the globe to make widely and freely available, to all interested at-risk parties, patented processes of “MODERNIFICATION ™“ guaranteed to defend against the onslaught of any missionizing civilizade