Bodgers' Grande Exhibition

Welcome again to the Bodgers' Grande Exhibition, a Steampunk Makers Fair.  Are you an artisan or amazing artifact maker?  Come display your amazing skills and maybe compete for a cash prize!

Bodgers' Hall Hours: Friday, June 7: 5-8pm, Saturday, June 8: 10-6pm
Location: Pope Marine Building (Madison and Water St, right on the water front)
Details for Participants

This year’s theme is Mad Science, so brace yourselves for a year of diabolical plans and dastardly devices.  Or not.  Just come bring your mad science self.  Our latest adventure is intended to inspire your mad genius to create wonderful items for our Steampunk judges to evaluate.  Imagine a science fair unburdened by vulgar constraints like reality…  Or physics.  Judging considerations include artistry (make it pretty), function (make it work), documentation (make it a good story), steampunk vision (make it bizarre)…  With $100s of dollars in prizes, we’re expecting some really exciting Mad Science.

We are proud to feature celebrity judges and master bodgers Liz Spain & Tobias McCurry

The Exhibition is open to the public but to exhibit you must be signed up with the Brass Screw Confederacy’s Bodger-in-Chief.  Come on in and show off your stuff!

Ready to get involved?  Please see our Rules and Information page for all the details.

Mad Science Demonstrations


  • 6:30pm - Tesla Coil Demo by Dr Professor Anderson
  • 11:00am - Thaddeus & the Colonel's Lasers 
  • 12:30pm - Tesla Coil Demo by Dr Professor Anderson
  • 2:30pm - Thaddeus & the Colonel's Lasers 

A sampling of previous years of the Bodgers' Grande Exhibition